Elisa Rivera


ELISA RIVERA is a womenswear brand born 30 years ago in Madrid. Elisa started selling the most prestigious luxury brands in her store in San Agustín de Guadalix, until her creative side made her carry out her own creations, completing like this the design offer that she wanted to see in her own clients.

This way, and after opening eight stores in Madrid with her son Eduardo Rivera (in charge of the men line), a new store lands in the center of Bilbao (the first one outside Madrid). This is the tenth store if we take into acount the ecommerce they opened 4 years ago.

Elisa Rivera offers personalized fashion, that is inspired in her observations in women nowadays and their taste in dressing with elegance, without any distractions. The woman wears the dress, not the other way around.

In our store Elisa Rivera in Bilbao we have created a big spacious, sofisticated and relaxed ambience that brings to their clients all the creative universe of Elisa, their variety of cuts, colors and fabrics. The store has a new design concept and a selection of the best clothes in Máximo Aguirre 18.

  • Dirección Maximo Aguirre, 18
    48011 Bilbao