Customeus Bilbao, created by 4 brothers from Bilbao, was born in June, 2016 with the intention of bringing to the Basque Country customizable shoes made from leather and by hand, creating a quality Basque brand at reasonable prices.

This is the only shoe store where you can design your own shoe. Selecting the color and leather for each piece, the sole, the length, the width…

They are also the only shop in Bilbao that commercially carries Babau bags, handmade bags from Barcelona made with recycled materials and light in the interior.

They also offer the latest seasonal trends in shoes and accessories, with exclusive products such as handmade wooden bowties.



  1. Decide which shoe model. (Shoelaces, buckle, moccasin with tassels or masking, ballerina, booties…)
  2. Select the color and skin of each piece. Combine the toe and heel with something more adventurous, make it all the same skin, or each piece a different color. The combination possibilities are endless.
  3. Select the type of sole: rubber (fine or thick), mixed or leather. And, for women, also the heel.
  4. Try sizes with length and width that best adjust to your foot.
  5. Make the request and, in approximately one month you will have your unique and exclusive shoe in store.

  • Dirección Plaza de Arriquibar 5
    (next to Azkuna Zentroa),
    48010 Bilbao