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The Uribe Clinic

The Uribe Clinic’s roots sprang from Dr. Rafael Uribe’s professional endeavors. Specializing in plastic surgery, Dr. Uribe is part of the generation of surgeons who were the pioneers of this specialty in Spain.

In 1969, with great dedication and effort, Dr. Rafael Uribefounded his clinic. Throughout the next 35 years, he created a brilliant professional portfolio in the field of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, leaving behind a great number of appreciative patients who remember him not only for his beautiful professional work, but also for his tremendous heart.

His son, Dr. Ignacio Uribe, is the legacy of this story. Through his long years of education—first as a doctor and later as a specialist—he absorbed his father’s craft through working together for several years.

After finishing his medical studies, Dr. Ignacio Uribe was admitted to the prestigious Clinica Planas in Barcelona, where he worked alongside Professor Jaime Planas—who also taughtDr. Ignacio Uribe’s father—in a clinic with modern and spacious facility and an incredible team of colleagues.

Dr. Ignacio Uribe is a tenured professor at the Medical College of Vizcaya and is accredited and recognized with the official title “Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.”

He belongs to various plastic surgery medical associations, including the Spanish Society of Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Aesthetic (SECPRE).

He has published numerous articles in both national and international medical journals, and has presented papers and courses for national and international conferences.  He regularly contributes to and presents at symposiums and conferences around the world where new techniques and innovations in the specialty are unveiled.

Today, he performs his professional work at the Uribe Clinic of Plastic Surgery, and performs his surgeries at the Clínica Guimón of Bilbao.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Treatments

These aesthetic procedures are fundamentally dedicated to aesthetically improving specific parts of the face or body:  rhinoplasty for the nose, chin, ostoplasty for ears, eyelids, face and neck, cheekbones, breasts, body figure and buttocks, liposuction and liposculpture, arms, abdomen, muscles…..

Aesthetic Treatments without Surgery

At the Uribe Clinic they offer a wide selection of treatments that do not require surgery, or, that can complement surgery to restore the skin’s luminosity, improve wrinkles, sagging skin, lips, or cellulitis through modern treatments, all with a personalized touch, made for the client.  They offer the latest products, techniques and equipment, with the security of real results.

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