Ciclos Maestre


Maestre Bikes

Bicycle shop and cycle repair shop in Bilbao, Santander and Vitoria.

“Now Maestre is so much more.” This has been their motto since Maestre moved to their new location at 60 Licenciado Poza in Bilbao, where they are looking for more, much, much more. And so much more is what they offer:

– more space: more than 350 square meters of showroom

– more comfort: everything is now on one floor

– more accessible: just a step away from both bus and metro stops

– more service: a specialized repair shop, personalized accessories, routes, etc.

Repair Shop:

A repair shop specializing in maintenance, safety inspections, and repairs for every type of breakdown or problem and for every kind of bicycle.

At Maestre, they believe that having the very best bicycle is not the most important. What is most important is that your bicycle be in the very best condition whenever you need to ride it. This is true regardless of how lovely or ugly your bike may be, or how much or how little you may have paid for it. When you need it to work, it must work correctly. This is most important. If it does not work properly, instead of satisfaction, we find frustration. And, because they don’t want you to feel frustrated at Maestre, you will find one of the best bicycle shops on the Cantabrian Coast. Known for both great service and superb professionalism, at Maestre you will find the support you need to keep your bicycle ready for whatever endeavor you ask it to perform.

  • Dirección Licenciado Poza, 60
    48013 Bilbao