Blue Agency Lifestyle


Blue Agency Lifestyle

Experiences are emotions that we store in our memories and that connect us with moments that have marked our lives.

What if we could start living the life we want today? Travel the world, spend more time on personal / family life, be able to pursue a hobby.

Designing our own life is to balance what things are important to each person and the best way to reach them.

It is about making our own way instead of letting society mark it for us.

Everything is based on enhancing our own internal knowledge and acquiring sufficient  self-control and security in ourselves.



We start from LIFE coaching with the aim of getting the client to reinforce their self-esteem and confidence in order to define their essence and that everything flows in harmony, their interior and exterior, with the aim of projecting a solid image AND OF RESPECT TO THE SAME AND SO FACILITATE THE ACHIEVEMENT OF OBJECTIVES IN YOUR LIFESTYLE.

We build a solid image from the Personal Image.

Every process begins by knowing the motivations, the concerns of each client.
Know your personal identity, who you are and what makes you vibrate, know your values.
Only knowing the interior of people or business projects, we can devise a plan of their own brand according to what they want to live and project in their personal, professional and social life.

“The important thing is not what we do for you but how we make you feel”

Custodians of people’s happiness, as responsible for understanding that from this empathy and permanent listening, this is what this new generation of Clients claims, it is not a strategy, it is a value based on attitude, which is contagious and which is an element transformative in people and business projects. Added the effort on our part in continuous improvement processes to optimize the relationship with the client.

It is important to point out the word HELP, because it is the person who makes their own decisions and how to reach their goals.



Projecting a personal image, the physical aspect is essential, it becomes a fundamental, differentiated factor, as well as a social and professional cover letter.

For this reason, Image Consulting services focus on improving and maximizing the client’s image, understanding their specific needs according to their lifestyle.

“There is no second chance to make a first impression, and that first impression is vital in situations like job interviews, first dates, work meetings, social, work, family events.”



At BLUE we also include the kids in our project, each family.
They are primarily concerned with education, care and training, but they are also concerned with their image, their style, sometimes due to the lack of time they have in everyday life marked by working life, it does not allow them to dedicate more time to do it. fully.

That is why our services include child counseling, in the latest trends, in the care of their style, in their daily life at school, even in family social events, choosing the costume that the child likes the most …, all these services supervised by parents.



  • With this service that we offer, we seek Smart Purchases that provide us profitability with respect to the time and budget dedicated
  • Service based on the previous study made to the client, a proposal is presented that includes the purchase route, the duration of the session … based on guidelines established by the client’s budget and duration of the day.
  • The main objective is to provide the customer with shopping habits regarding the selection of garments, as well as to function within the shopping spaces, interpreting the labels to assess the quality / price of the garments in terms of fabrics, textures … knowledge of commercial environment of your city.
  • We include tour shopping group services.


Assistant Buyer

The purpose of this service is based on the advice of the selection of purchases that cover in order to acquire goods intended for a social or personal commitment, where it meets personal style and taste, making the budget profitable through a successful selection.

BLUE offers advisory service, help in the selection and even purchase in cases where the client requires it, in order to facilitate the process for the client.



“Don’t tell me what you do, show me”

In an increasingly digitalized Society, in which we need to constantly create content to feed our social networks, events are gaining strength as a means of communication for brands every day.

The real way to get customers to feel attached to your brand is through experience.

The sensations and the own experience are the most powerful weapon of communication, and the events the best channel to transmit them.

Business organizations know this and for years have been committed to this way of relating to their customers.

But not all events happen in the business environment; shows, baby showers, Christmas dinners … any time is good to celebrate and transmit to our circle of friends who we are and what we like

The events that are increasingly cared for in the personal context become more important every day in a world in which the forty birthday cake will surely be photographed by dozens of friends who will automatically share the moment in networks.


Event Planner service

An Event Planner is the professional who deals with all logistical aspects related to an event; from the search for the location, the search for suppliers, budget management. It is essential to be clear that your role within an event seeks to achieve a specific objective and it will be the type of event that will mark you.




Good interior design is the art of making something work that is at the same time decorative, since one of life’s most creative and rewarding greatest achievements is the satisfactory design of workspaces.

It is a cliché but the home as far as possible should be an extension of one’s personality at least a solid expression of tastes and preferences.

Above this, the Home must be the comforting refuge, a place to relax, because it is a proven reality that a space that is very elegant and impressive and very modern that is not really cozy and comfortable and is not fair to your needs. lifestyle, can life weakness.

“Creating a beautiful and practical space is important for the well-being of people, both personally and professionally.”

A good interior design includes both the practical, the comfort and the detail as well as the atmosphere and the style. No matter how beautiful the decoration of the windows, or very original the color scheme and no matter how splendid the furniture and the rugs, nobody will appreciate it if the set is not cozy to live, work, if it definitely does not offer functionality.


Good lighting can change the apparent dimension of a space, enhance attractive features, or lessen them. You can add beauty, sparkle and showiness or a warm and comforting glow.

Lighting is as essential to the ambience of a space as it is in the theater or in movies.
In this sense, a balance must be sought between natural and artificial light to achieve an effective balance.


For spaces, color is the remarkable element, also the most versatile of decoration, it has the same meaning as daylight.

Different color combinations can make the same space and the same decoration create different environments, warm or cold, calming or stimulating, harmonious restless, welcoming or impersonal. They even affect the apparent proportions of space.

In essence, the choice of color constitutes a fundamental part of the decoration, therefore the choice of colors is notorious since the results when they are wrong are notorious


Many times preparing the project to decorate a space two important elements are omitted; proportions and balance. It is essential to be aware of these aspects both for the choice of furniture and accessories and for their distribution, so that the height, visual weight, color, texture and design of each piece can contribute to creating perfect harmony.


Obviously, there are certain common sense factors to be considered in any case, before deciding on one or several styles.

Factors like location, weather, surroundings, and architecture cannot be ignored.


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