BLB48 Your Agency for Communication & Events in Bilbao

At the head of BLB48 are Sofía Mugarza and Naroa Sampedro, two young ladies who have created the very business where they would love to work. Their objective, for companies, public and private organizations, in a creative and totally personalized manner, a full-service communication and event organization.

Made to order communication plans

The rules of the communication game have changed and BLB48 has the newest technology keys that will help ensure that the transmission of your philosophy flows easily and quickly. They work together with you to show you the very best path to connect you with your public.

Corporate events

Your business is alive and you need to get your message out, BLB48 will help you with it. Business and organization events are the perfect way to bring all of the actors in your business together, and BLB48 will take care of all the details to that your event and messaging are a success.

You worry about wedding-enjoyment

Count on them to navigate right up until the happiest day of your life arrives. The BLB48 girls will help you organize your wedding. P de Petite by BLB48, the wedding planner on the team, will design your most important project. They will cross the course of this emotional stage with a dose of professionality, imagination that never ends, and tons of empathy.

Whether it’s a small and intimate wedding or a larger party, they will orchestrate and take care of each and every detail that make the difference on such a special day; from invitations, to flowers, to music…all the way to organizing the honeymoon of your dreams.

  • Dirección Henao 16, 1º izq
    48009 Bilbao