Berroja Winery


Berroja Winery

If you are lover of wine and nature, this is your winery, because Berroja Winery is a Privilege for the Senses

Berroja Winery presents an enogastronomic experience based on the senses. In the heart of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

«At Berroja Winery we enjoy the taste of our txakolis, we notice and feel our Terroir and its vineyards and we enjoy an environment and landscape in which we get to hear the silence and the whisper of the rain, the roar of the wind, the language of the animals that surrounds us or the dance of the trees that surrounds us in the periphery of the vineyard. »

This experience of wine tourism in Berroja Winery, sensory at five levels, allows you to complete a day of enjoyment in Urdaibai, where you will discover the secrets of the Biosphere Reserve.

For this, they offer a complete service, adaptable to your needs, for the realization of a day of enjoyment of wine tourism or enogastronomy.

Berroja Winery offers a large number of services associated with the day in its different spaces:

  • Visits and tastings.
  • Txoko rental with kitchen availability.
  • Sartenekos and barbecues.
  • Enogastronomy day, discovering the mysteries of the terroir, the production process, its txakoli and traditional products of the region.
  • Dining room service with cellar menu in cellar room (modular depending on the number of people).
  • Different menus available and customizable, with txakoli from the house.
  • Bachelor parties
  • Activities for companies.
  • Weddings, baptisms and communions


  • Dirección Ajurias, Zugastieta to Balcón de Bizkaia Road,
    Berroja neighbourhood.
    48392, Muxica, Bizkaia.