Beltz Restaurant


Beltz Restaurant

Discover the restaurant at the Gran Hotel Domine in Bilbao

Gran Hotel Domine presents their cuisine concept through their Beltz Restaurant (black in Basque), where wood and stone mix sensuously, while white colours of the table linens and place setting and the green velvet of the armchairs, shine with their own light in the amazing space.

So Beltz Restaurant, lead by Abel Corral, offers a new and modern perspective of the Basque gastronomy, with a big influence of the local product and its culture, but worked up with a personal style and thanks to the search of innovative flavours, textures and different contrasts.

Because of that Beltz Restaurant represents the evolution of the traditional Basque Cuisine and the Domine Hotel itself.

As a result, extremely high quality product, but dealt differently from the rest of the gastronomic spaces of the hotel. Textures and presentations which point to avant-garde kitchen with foams, jelly… which are worthy components of the Basque Cuisine, which is famous worldwide.

Always with the same mantra “don’t cover the product, just walk with it and highlight it”.

Finally discover other gastronomic spaces inside the hotel: Le Cafe with cafetería service and exclusive menus, the Sixty-One bar in which you can enjoy cocktails and snacks and the rooftop La Terraza where you have the best views of the city. Try and have a fabulous snack, a burger with a couple of drinks, a beer…

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  • Dirección Alameda de Mazarredo, 61.
    48009 Bilbao