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Azul Marino Viajes is a place where dreams come true: an agency in Bilbao which is ready to travel to every corner of the planet, making travellers have incredible experiences.


The company was born in 1980 by Juan Mari del Hoyo, who had the dream of creating unique and special trips. Since then, Viajes Azul Marino has grown and expanded to 17 different cities in Spain. They are a reference in the area and have achieved a lot of understanding and achievements: they were the first to travel to Iran and North Korea and the last to visit Irak. Between there prices, they have won the quality tourist Q.


More than 110 professionals and experienced travellers make up the great human team of Azul Marino Viajes. Experts that practice their travelling consultancy with the best professionalism and efficiency, advising each client individually. No matter what, they find the experience that each traveller needs and, if not, they create one for them.


With the convincement that each client is special, Azul Marino Viajes has trips for all of them: group trips, family trips, single and couple trips….. They also count with a wide variety of experiences such as diving trips, safaris, musical trips, fly&drive, coast, adventure……

All of this is possible thanks to all the different brands and business lines that make Azul Marino Viajes: Club Marco Polo helps make possible alternative trips to the most inhospitable corners of the planet. On the other hand, Nervion Travel works in National and European circuits. The receptive services are organised by Norte Sur Incoming and have a very wide offer. Finally, Azul Marino Business Travel takes care of business trips….


Azul Marino Viajes has always gone a step further. Because of this, innovation is a key part in the company, which is up-to-date with the latest touristic services and technology. Their cover letter is the new image of their agencies. We can highlight their central agency in Bilbao: 1.000 square meters full of details brought from all over the world with a common mantra: inspire the best trips ever. ¿Shall we make our bags?


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