Aloklub: The first product library in Bilbao

Rent more than 100 leisure, sport and home products

Aloklub is the first product library of the city. A space located in Sabino Arana 63 where you will be able to rent a wide variety of products, supporting the philosophy “circular consumption” and the sustainable development tendency.

Have you ever had the temptation of buying something, you purchase it… and once you’ve used it it ends in the bin? A lot of our shopping isn’t thought carefully, as a result of a system that encourages us to compulsively consume.

Aloklub helps you and gives you the opportunity of renting products at very affordable prices that go from 0 to 16 euros.

To enjoy this service, you need to register in advance in their website.

Rodolfo Pereira, Brazilian living in Bilbao and in charge of this modern club, will organise meetings and will screen various documentaries throughout the year of different subjects such as: agrotourism, feminism, recycling, domestic violence… Follow the social network of Aloklub to be updated with all this information.

Four big areas of products

In aloklub they have a wide variety of products divided in 4 areas:

Sports and outdoor activities:Surf boards, bodyboards and skimboards, neoprene suit, diving goggles, snorkeling material, soccer ball, snowboards, boats, snow clothes, trekking sticks, backpacks, sleeping bags, campsite tents, bicycle, longboard, skates, tennis

Music: Speakers, microphones, musical instruments and recording equipment

Electronics: Action cameras, 360º camera, GPS navigator, walkie-talkies and virtual reality glasses

Home and DIY: Indoor and table games, video game consoles, electric barbecue, kit to prepare a fondue, steam machine, drill and electric screwdriver

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  • Dirección Sabino Arana 63
    48012 Bilbao