196 Yoga Studio


196 Yoga Studio

Are you suffering from lower back pain, stress, anxiety, or a physical condition, or seeking to strengthen muscles and promote your health and well-being ?

At 196 Yoga Studio, we help you improve your physical and psychological symptoms.

With highly qualified yoga instructors, has two beautiful studios with good vibes and weeklong classes, 196 Yoga offers over 40 different yoga schedules and more than ten different styles of yoga at your disposal, to suit every need and lifestyle, in particular; Vinyasa, Rocket, LYT, Mobility Flow, therapeutic yoga, and long etcetera of benefits … providing a hands-on adjustment with 7 professional yoga instructors.

We offer higher individualized private classes, group classes, workshops, teacher trainings, and tailoring programs to fit in with any age and experience level by certified yoga instructors.

We 196 Yoga as a large family of extensively trained and experienced practitioners, with positive energy in a peaceful natural environment, crave to build a haven of peace and tranquillity in the midst of the hurly-burly of everyday life.


Iker Villanueva Bio:

After over 15 years of experience in practicing yoga and having trained with influential teachers of highest level internationally, I decided to create my own yoga space.

Thus, I would like to be able to offer yoga classes in Bilbao of the highest possible quality. Well-structured classes of an adequate time, with well-qualified teachers to help you in the discovery and the advancement of yoga practice.

A space where you can disconnect from the beat of the city and where you feel free and without prejudice.




  • Dirección 196 Yoga Studio Deusto:
    Avenida lehendakari Aguirre 29, 3º Dcha D,
    48014 Bilbao.

    196 Yoga Studio Ensanche:
    Alameda Mazarredo 35, 5º A,
    48009 Bilbao.