El patito feo


El Patito Feo -The Ugly Duckling-

If tranquility is what you’re looking for, then you are certain to find it in this fashionable space in Bilbao.

Only one table for a maximum of 6 guests. French, Australian, German wines…at El Patito Feothe Ugly Duckling- you will find a tasting menu of 7 plates for only 28 euros or an executive menu for 19 euros.

The space, located at 2 Maximo Aguirre Street, very close to the Fine Art Museum, bases their offerings on a wine list by the glass where you can find everything from the dry Malvasias from Lanzarote (Grifo, Bermejos) to Argentinian and Chilean wines.

  • Dirección Maximo Aguirre 2
    48011 Bilbao