Scotch & Soda - Fashion Bilbao

Scotch & Soda Bilbao Visit Scotch & Soda Bilbao in Ledesma Street 28. Scotch & Soda wants their clients to love…

Scotch & Soda
Dolores Promesas - Fashion Bilbao

Clothing brand for modern women Charismatic, happy, optimistic, dreamer, fun, creative, friend to her friends…this is the designer Dolores Promesas,…

Dolores Promesas
Henry Arroway - Fashion Bilbao

Henry Arroway Henry Arroway was born like a brand in 1995. Our clothes combine the latest tecnique fabrics as well…

Henry Arroway
B54 - Fashion Bilbao

B54 Exclusive, first-rate international fashion brands b54 is a women’s clothing stores firm. Their business is nourished by first-rate brands…

IKKS - Fashion Bilbao

IKKS French classic Style After more than 20 years in our country, IKKS opened their newest general store in June…

Alicia Rueda - Fashion Bilbao

Alicia Rueda Bride Atelier & Party dresses for guests in Bilbao Like in “The Time in Between”, Alicia Rueda grew…

Alicia Rueda
Gant Bilbao - Fashion Bilbao

GANT Opens its doors in the center of the city Gant Bilbao opens its doors in the center of the…

Gant Bilbao
Coquette - Fashion Bilbao

Coquette Coquette is a womens fashion store in Bilbao, run with care by Silvia and Ziortza, sisters and friends in…

La Suite - Fashion Bilbao

Romantic chic and feminine fashion Lasuite is one of the most famous multi-brand stores in Bilbao. It starts its path…

La Suite
Aparté - Fashion Bilbao

Concept Store «à la française» [aparté] is a Concept Store «à la française» which is created by Julie, a young…

ese O ese - Fashion Bilbao

Welcome to the casual lifestyle eseOese has arrived in Bilbao. This women’s fashion brand – from casual feminine collections to…

ese O ese
New Lemon - Fashion Bilbao

New lemon After year dedicated to the world of fashion, Myriam Diez and Elisabet Junquera have opened their own shop…

New Lemon
Styling - Fashion Bilbao

Your surf, skate and snow store After celebrating 25 years since they opened their first Styling store, this group will…

Boxcalf - Shoes Bilbao

International prestige brands Boxcalf began its activity in Las Arenas, Getxo. Consolidating it by opening three shops in Bilbao. In…

Mercules - Fashion Bilbao

“Mercules General Store”, 120 m2 dedicated to Mercules Universe, where you can find both fashion accessories and home. Six years…

Wawata - Fashion Bilbao

Wawata We are a sustainable fashion brand born in Bilbao. We make exclusive designs, with which we try to translate…

GARCÍA - Fashion Bilbao

THE MOST ITALIAN DUTCH BRAND García was founded in 1977 by Maurizio and Isabel García in Urbania (Italy). Two years…

Nice Things - Fashion Bilbao

Paloma Santaolalla, from San Sebastián, and Miguel Lanna met each other at a fashion trade fair in Barcelona and their…

Nice Things
Exquisuits by de Juana - Fashion Bilbao

Exquisuits by de Juana Maximum quality for your groom´s suits, lines of large trend, cloth with impact, specialize in the…

Exquisuits by de Juana
Indi & Cold - Fashion Bilbao

International fashion brand  indi & cold is an international brand with a presence in the majority of European countries as…

Indi & Cold
Ambali Bilbao - Fashion Bilbao

Ambali Bilbao A multi-brand store for women located in the centre of Bilbao In Ambali Bilbao shop you can find…

Ambali Bilbao
Minimil - Fashion Bilbao

Minimil is a Basque women’s fashion brand Minimil Bilbao Minimil Bilbao is located in Alameda de Recalde Street, number 25. Is…

Elisa Rivera - Fashion Bilbao

ELISA RIVERA is a womenswear brand born 30 years ago in Madrid. Elisa started selling the most prestigious luxury brands…

Elisa Rivera
Gerardo - Fashion Bilbao

GERARDO Your men’s clothing store in Bilbao. GERARDO is an emblematic commercial establishment located in the heart of Bilbao, which…

LeRoom - Fashion Bilbao

LeRoom is a clothing and accessories shop in Las Arenas (Getxo), created in 2006 by Elena Ortun. At LeRoom they…

Derby Gardezabal - Fashion Bilbao

Since 1948, three generations of artisan shirtmakers and tailors have dressed men at Derby Gardeazabal. Their art is marked with…

Derby Gardezabal
S K F K - Fashion Bilbao

Sustainable fashion S K F K is a Basque fashion brand, with an own identity and personality and with a strong…

N32 - Fashion Bilbao

Escape from the maelstrom, the rush, the self-serve. Regenerate your enjoyment of harmony in N32, a warm space, where you’ll…

Galería 8360 - Fashion Bilbao

Galería 8360 is much more than a new shop in Bilbao. Their philosophy is to create a versatile place where…

Galería 8360
Kalam - Fashion Bilbao

Kalam international prestige brands.

Noname - Fashion Bilbao

Noname* is a fashion store located in Indautxu at 82 Alameda de Urquijo (in front of the Colegio Jesuitas). Noname* focuses…

Con S de Su - Fashion Bilbao

S de Su: Unique pieces without patterns This is why every piece is an authentic jewelry When we talk about…

Con S de Su
Wakalouka - Fashion Bilbao

Wakalouka, your surf and snow store in Vizcaya Wakalouka is a famous surf-snow-skate store in Bilbao. It’s located in a…

Sandro - Fashion Bilbao

Sandro today has become an undisputed reference for the wardrobe of today’s stylish woman.. Evelyne Chétrite, creator of this French…

Gas Store - Fashion Bilbao

Gas Store Denim is the DNA of GAS. It’s their history and their future. An unbreakable tie that marks the…

Gas Store
Regina for Kids - Kids Bilbao

Regina for kids Regina isn’t a conventional clothing store; it’s an idea that was born through more than twenty years…

Regina for Kids
Jardilin - Kids Bilbao

Jardilin – Little Garden is your children’s shoestore in Bilbao Jardilin children’s shoes with more than 50 years of experience…

Foxter Shoes - Shoes Bilbao

Foxter Shoes Quality and design shoes Foxter Shoes is the second generation of a family business with three shoe multi-brand…

Foxter Shoes
Don Lú - Kids Bilbao

In Septemeber 2016 DonLú was born, a multi-brand space with a selection of styles for children, casual and comfortable, with…

Don Lú
Kanala - Shoes Bilbao

Kanala is one of the best shoe stores in Bilbao. They always carry the most prestigious brands with the most…

Customeus - Shoes Bilbao

Customeus Bilbao, created by 4 brothers from Bilbao, was born in June, 2016 with the intention of bringing to the…

Amélie - Fashion Bilbao

While watching the famous movie Amelie, Carmen felt that she had to do something with the message the film was…

Meridiano Shoes - Shoes Bilbao

From the very moment you enter Meridiano Shoes everything it’s harmony and aesthetic: the décor, lighting, music…and above all, the…

Meridiano Shoes
Urru-Bilbao - Shoes Bilbao

URRU-BILBAO For the true lovers of a good shoe After working in the shoe industry for a very long time,…

Capriche Shoes - Shoes Bilbao

Located in the center of Bilbao, Capriche Shoes offers what its name suggests: a fantasy. This shoe store distinguishes itself…

Capriche Shoes
Coordinato - Fashion Bilbao

Olga and Ana Cobo have been dedicated to the fashion world since 1988, with their first years as Coordinato dressing…

FC Joyeros - Jewels Bilbao

Once upon a time,several thousands of years ago, there were some human beings who began to produce primitive weapons in…

FC Joyeros
Pradera Jewelry - Jewels Bilbao

Pradera Jewelry In Pradera Jewelry the jewels and unique pieces are the essence of it. Clients can recreate, discover the…

Pradera Jewelry
Joyerías Eguzkilore - Jewels Bilbao

Eguzkilore The Eguzkilore business was created in 2007 by the Zuluaga jewelers, whose trajectory of more than 50 years in…

Joyerías Eguzkilore
Aristocrazy - Jewels Bilbao

The passion, dedication, and ambition to grow passed down from generation to generation in the Suárez family have resulted in…

MATIA Jewelry - Jewels Bilbao

Bilbao and her people evolve. Here, one breathes an air of pride that is the result of this eagerness to…

MATIA Jewelry
Suárez Jewelry - Jewels Bilbao

Suárez Jewelry Suárez is a family-owned company with a prestigious brand that is well-known in the luxury sector. They design,…

Suárez Jewelry
Arbaiza Vilallonga Jewelry - Jewels Bilbao

Arbaiza Vilallonga Jewelry Since 1995, Arbaiza Vilallonga has been here to serve customers through their mission of matching customers’ emotional…

Arbaiza Vilallonga Jewelry
Sala Moyua Realty - real estate Bilbao
real estate

SALA MOYUA REALTY is the real estate division of one of the most important auction houses specialised in jewellery and…

Sala Moyua Realty
La  Gafa Boutique - Eyewear Bilbao

The Glasses Boutique opened a year ago in the heart of Indautxu. A team of optician-optometrists heads up this establishment…

La Gafa Boutique
Óptica Achucarro - Eyewear Bilbao

Óptica Achúcarro Since 1989, Óptica Achúcarro has been in Bilbao on Doctor Achucarro Street, no. 8. This is an independent…

Óptica Achucarro
Ellacuría Ópticos - Eyewear Bilbao

Ellacuria Optics combines two seemingly antagonistic characteristics that distinguish this shop from all the rest: tradition and innovation. With more…

Ellacuría Ópticos
MaldeOjo Optika Atelier - Eyewear Bilbao

MaldeOjo represents the most urban clients in their new store Optika Atelier, in the Antique part of the city in…

MaldeOjo Optika Atelier
Rica Basagoiti - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Rica Basagoiti Specialists in carpets since 1954 In Rica Basagoiti they are specialised in carpets since 1954, renewing everyday with…

Rica Basagoiti
Sofás Cama Galea – descanso - Diy, stationery & home Bilbao
Diy, stationery & home

Sofás Cama Galea In Sofás Cama Galea we have worked for 45 years to guarantee that you get the best…

Sofás Cama Galea – descanso
Sofás Cama Galea – decoración - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Sofás Cama Galea Decoración Sofás Cama Galea Decoración is a family business that has been working for 45 years in…

Sofás Cama Galea – decoración
Espacio Nuka - Fashion Bilbao

Nuka Space is designer Ana Taranco’s dream project. Taranco decided to convert a space into an “encounter zone” for all…

Espacio Nuka
Luz Bilbao - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Almost 50 years in existence make Luz Bilbao a reference point in the world of lighting. With their sphere growing…

Luz Bilbao
Something Special - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

If you are looking for something special, come to the city’s bohemian district, Bilbao La Vieja, and you will find…

Something Special
mllm - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

..mllm.. has more than 15 years of experience in the field, she provides her clients with consultation and direction in…

Maticas Decoration - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

In July 2012 Maticas Decoration – without a doubt one of the most beautiful shops in Bilbao – was born,…

Maticas Decoration
Isabel Madinabeitia - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Isabel Madinabeitia Antiquities is located in a central gallery in Bilbao, an old market from the 1930’s. In a contemporary…

Isabel Madinabeitia
Urbana 15 - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

The Urbana Showroom At Urbana you will find the latest innovations in design from the world of interior decorating and…

Urbana 15
Rosita - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

After more than 20 years of experience doing home décor projects and special contracts, Rosita was born. A unique shop…

Bomarzo - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Our clients know what they want and we help them to ensure that all of their tastes and desires become…

Narata - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Narata Narata is a contemporary design space started in 2010 with the idea of creating a new vision from which…

Le Patio - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

A pioneer in the world of home décor, Le Patio’s Bilbao showroom is more than 300 square meters thanks to…

Le Patio
Tribeca - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Tribeca is a store which is located in the center of Bilbao, in Juan de Ajuriaguerra 31. Here you will…

Bakan Estudio - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Bakan Estudio starts a new exciting journey where the word DESIGN continues to be the axis of their work. It…

Bakan Estudio
Ciclos Maestre - Sport Bilbao

Maestre Bikes Bicycle shop and cycle repair shop in Bilbao, Santander and Vitoria. “Now Maestre is so much more.” This…

Ciclos Maestre
García Motos - Sport Bilbao

We are crazy about motorcycles and the world that surrounds them. We are motorheads and we live for motorcycles. And…

García Motos
García Motos Clothing - Sport Bilbao

We are crazy about motorcycles and the world that surrounds them. We are motorheads and we live for motorcycles. And…

García Motos Clothing
Bilcab - Sport Bilbao

At Bilcab you will find everything for horse and horseman. The widest range in equestrian outfitting. And Bilcab offers the…

Deportes Euro-Sport - Sport Bilbao

Euro-Sport is a business that is solidly supported by their clients’ continuing confidence in their services. In 2008, Euro-Sport celebrated…

Deportes Euro-Sport
Styling Surf-Skate-Snow - Sport Bilbao

After celebrating 25 years since they opened their first Styling store, this group will inaugurate one more store in the…

Styling Surf-Skate-Snow
Ruiz de Ocenda - Flowers Bilbao

Ruiz de Ocenda is the result of a project that began in 1995 and has always been a constant evolution:…

Ruiz de Ocenda
Fiore - Flowers Bilbao

Fiore is not a conventional florist. Fiore works on a variety of projects: weddings, events, terrace decoration, museums, hotels, and,…

Mil Rosas - Flowers Bilbao

Since 1996 One Thousand Roses has brought the fascinating world of roses to their clients. Esther Sainz and her team’s…

Mil Rosas
Marina Aguirre flores y eventos - Flowers Bilbao

Marina Aguirre flowers and events Floral arrangements for weddings and events “I’m Marina and I love decoration. I studied art…

Marina Aguirre flores y eventos
Flor Fruits Box - Flowers Bilbao

Do you want to surprise someone with an original and different gift? Flower Fruits Events has created Flower Fruits Box…

Flor Fruits Box
OSK Sastre - Fashion Bilbao

Oskar López Ileaña started in tailoring when he was very, very small: his father and mother were tailors. It was…

OSK Sastre
Sastrería Cardenal - Fashion Bilbao

Sastrería Cardenal Founded in 1894 and run by the same family during 4 generations, the Sastrería Cardenal occupies a very…

Sastrería Cardenal
Azul Marino viajes - Travel Bilbao

Azul Marino Viajes is a place where dreams come true: an agency in Bilbao which is ready to travel to…

Azul Marino viajes
Globartist - Diy, stationery & home Bilbao
Diy, stationery & home

Globartist – Balloons decoration for events Globartist creates dreams with balloons and makes decorations with great visual impact. They decorate…

Bilbao Express - Travel Bilbao

Experience Since 1986, Viajes Bilbao Express‘s mission is to attend to our clients’ needs. Every person on our staff has…

Bilbao Express
Viajes NUBA - Travel Bilbao

NUBA Trips Their essence: NUBA is a company which designs personalized and private trips, for companies and individuals, with 20…

Viajes NUBA
ATLANTIS Travel Agency - Travel Bilbao

ATLANTIS Travel Agency At ATLANTIS you’ll find more than just vacations! We offer organized trips, exclusive and personalized all over…

ATLANTIS Travel Agency
Fnac Bilbao - Electronics, Books & Music Bilbao
Electronics, Books & Music

Fnac Bilbao all the technological and cultural products Fnac is the first technical and cultural distributor in Europe, and is…

Fnac Bilbao
Sala Moyua Brancas - Jewels Bilbao

Located in Bilbao, Sala Moyua Brancas opened in 1996 and has remained the only existing permanent Auction Room in the…

Sala Moyua Brancas