Physio & Massage

Club Deportivo UP - Sport Centres Bilbao
Sport Centres

 Up Fitness Club Located right in the center of Bilbao. UP Fitness Club offers a concept that takes working out…

Club Deportivo UP
MAZA Fisioterapia Osteopatía - Physio & Massage Bilbao
Physio & Massage

Physiotherapy MAZA “We take care of you, we are at your service” Don’t you know Physiotherapy MAZA–Osteopathy? They have been…

MAZA Fisioterapia Osteopatía
Massana - Physio & Massage Bilbao
Physio & Massage

Massana Center Smack in the center of Bilbao is an oasis for well-being. Having a massage will nurture your spirit,…

Wellbeing Hotel Miró Experience - Physio & Massage Bilbao
Physio & Massage

Wellbeing Experience Hotel Miró A perfect place to relax mind and body in a unique environment. The Wellness Suite, a…

Wellbeing Hotel Miró Experience
Koena - Yoga & Pilates Bilbao
Yoga & Pilates

Koena Physiotherapy, podiatry y rehabilitation Koena es a clinic that is specialised in physiotherapy and podiatry. It is located in…