Hunky Dory - Bars & Pubs Bilbao
Bars & Pubs

HUNKY DORY is a Cocktails and snacks fusion Hunky Dory is located in Indautxu, in the Campuzano square, “hidden” behind…

Hunky Dory
Basuki - Author Cuisine Bilbao
Author Cuisine

Basuki: The Bilbao Berria Group introduces Basuki, their new social gastronomic space in Bilbao, where they combine excellent cuisine, with…

Sumerian Club - Bars & Pubs Bilbao
Bars & Pubs

Sumerian Club Avant-gardé cocktail bar in Bilbao There are few things in life that satisfy more than discovering the new…

Sumerian Club
Bar Basque - Tapas Bilbao

40 years of history in the center of Bilbao Since 1976 The Basque Bar is opened by Julio García Alonso…

Bar Basque
Zaka Restaurante Lounge - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Zaka Lounge Restaurant One local, two spaces Zaka Lounge Restaurantis a restaurant located in the heart of Bilbao, very close…

Zaka Restaurante Lounge
El Puertito - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

El Puertito – Oyster Bar the first oyster bar in Bilbao! Now celebrating their fifth anniversary, The Puertito – the…

El Puertito
Patri Gastrobar - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Patri Gastrobar. Enjoy and taste. Gipuzkoan chef Martín Berasategui disembarks in the Casco Viejo in Bilbao. His return to Bilbao…

Patri Gastrobar
La Gavilla - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

La Gavilla or The Sheaf is a friendly little corner in Bilbao Where you can enjoy all the enogastronomic pleasures…

La Gavilla
La Ribera Gastro-plaza - International Cuisine Bilbao
International Cuisine

La Ribera Gastro-plaza All of Bilbao’s enchantment under one roof The entire city is reflected in their market. The market…

La Ribera Gastro-plaza
Bar EME - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

BAR EME Sandwich experts since 1950 The sandwiches of the EME Bar in Bilbao are an icon. This is their…

Capricho - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Tapas, grilled rations, knife-cut ham and high-end wines The Bar Restaurant Capricho is located  in Henao 20, very close to…

El Cargadero de Bilbao - Bars & Pubs Bilbao
Bars & Pubs

El Cargadero de Bilbao is the first terrace above the river of Bilbao Snacks, cocktails, mixed drinks… In El Cargadero…

El Cargadero de Bilbao
Bar El Globo - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Bar El Globo is your pintxos and tapas perfect place in the center of Bilbao Bar El Globo is a…

Bar El Globo
El patito feo - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

El Patito Feo -The Ugly Duckling- If tranquility is what you’re looking for, then you are certain to find it…

El patito feo
Veintiocho - Bars & Pubs Bilbao
Bars & Pubs

Ventiocho Bar The area of Bilbao la Vieja, known as the “Basque Soho”, has suffered a big renovation and today…

La Oka - Tapas Bilbao

LA OKA the highest quality you can imagine. The first La Oka food store opened 30 years ago in Las…

La Oka
Gin Fizz - Bars & Pubs Bilbao
Bars & Pubs

Gin Fizz Gin Fizz is an authentic cocktail bar in Bilbao. Nice, cozy, with comfortable sofas and different spaces where…

Gin Fizz
Happy River - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Happy River Beers, Cocktails, Japanese food, Burgers, Tapas… Happy River is a bar that is located in the Muelle de…

Happy River
Txocook - Basque & Traditional Cuisine Bilbao
Basque & Traditional Cuisine

Txocook “We love wharfs and taverns, delicious and traditional food, but with avant-garde techniques and touches. At TXOCOOK we also…

La Mula de Moscú - Bars & Pubs Bilbao
Bars & Pubs

La Mula de Moscú La Mula de Moscú is the new Project of Mind Shakers, a cocktail lounge in the…

La Mula de Moscú
Cotton Club - Bars & Pubs Bilbao
Bars & Pubs

Live music in the center of Bilbao Bilbao’s Cotton Club has been scheduling live music for more than 20 years…

Cotton Club
Café Iruña - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

1903… More than a century “with great taste.” The Café Iruña, located in front of the popular Albia Gardens, was…

Café Iruña
La Viña del Ensanche - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Bautistia Gonzalez founded The Ensanche Vineyard in 1927. In 1980, his son, Jose Ramon, took the reigns of the family…

La Viña del Ensanche
Pershïc - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

The legendary carpet store facing the Jardines de Albia is reopening its doors, as it converts its iconic showroom into…

Ein Prosit - International Cuisine Bilbao
International Cuisine

Since 1999, the German restaurant Ein Prosit Bilbao has dedicated itself to sharing German cuisine through their products and menu.…

Ein Prosit
Milagros - International Cuisine Bilbao
International Cuisine

Milagros Restaurant Modern/Contemporary and creative cuisine, specialized in fusing elements from the Basque Country, Japan and South America. Bar, Sushi-Bar,…

El Yeti - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

The Yeti is a different and very original place in Bilbao, with style and personality, with vintage bistro décor, wrapped…

El Yeti
Memorial - Event Halls Bilbao
Event Halls

MEMORIAL Since you arrive till you leave… Enjoy the taste! Feel the scents! Get wrapped in the sounds! We open…

The Dreams - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Right in the middle of Bilbao, The Dreams has delicious breakfasts from the earliest hours of the morning, unbelievable pintxos for mid-morning,…

The Dreams
La Compañía del Ron - Tapas Bilbao

For breakfast in the morning: pintxos (tapas) and the bar’s famous vermouth. At night: is the temple of rum in…

La Compañía del Ron
Antigua Cigarrería - Tapas Bilbao

La Antigua Cigarrería (The Old Cigar Shop) now is a Bilbao classic: it is the City’s main meeting place. In…

Antigua Cigarrería
Morrocotuda - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Morrocotuda is the place to stop your watch and let the time go by, as if you were in a…

Sixty-One - Bars & Pubs Bilbao
Bars & Pubs

The Sixty One of the Gran Hotel Domine of Bilbao is divided in different areas such as bar, reserved area…

El Txoko de Gabi - Tapas Bilbao

If there is one charming place in Bilbao to have a delicious hors d’oevre, a perfectly pulled beer, or a…

El Txoko de Gabi
Residence - Tapas Bilbao

Where is Residence? Everybody asks this question…. It’s on a teeny little street that joins Heros with the Alameda Rekalde;…

Singular - Tapas Bilbao

Singular is a new concept in bars. Not only does the name invite you to get to know it…if someone…

Terraza Gran Hotel Domine - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

In the Rooftop of the Gran Hotel Domine, apart from having the best views of the river and the Guggenheim…

Terraza Gran Hotel Domine
Luckia Casino Bilbao - Bars & Pubs Bilbao
Bars & Pubs

Casino Bilbao is a place for leisure and fun located in Bilbao’s city center, very close to the Abando Station.…

Luckia Casino Bilbao
Mio Bar - Tapas Bilbao

No borders, from one end to the other, Mio Bar belongs to one of the best and more crowded streets…

Mio Bar
Bilbaina Jazz Club Kultur Elkartea - Live Music Bilbao
Live Music

In 1991 a group of jazz aficionados created the BJC-Bilbaina Jazz Club Association. Throughout the years, the BJC’s work has…

Bilbaina Jazz Club Kultur Elkartea
Fnac Bilbao - Electronics, Books & Music Bilbao
Electronics, Books & Music

Fnac Bilbao all the technological and cultural products Fnac is the first technical and cultural distributor in Europe, and is…

Fnac Bilbao