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Martina de Zuricalday - cafes & Bakery Bilbao
cafes & Bakery

Martina de Zuricalday opened her first workshop in 1830 on Ronda Street in Old Town Bilbao. Almost two hundred years…

Martina de Zuricalday
Bizkarra - cafes & Bakery Bilbao
cafes & Bakery

Bizkarra is a third-generation family business with the entire family participating in one activity: the bakery and patisserie. Their zeal…

Turronería Adelia Iváñez - Cakes & Ice Cream Bilbao
Cakes & Ice Cream

Historia Viva de 5 generaciones A fifth-generation turronería in Bilbao Adelia Ivañez, “the Turron-Maker of the Little Vestibule,” is Eladio…

Turronería Adelia Iváñez
Turronería Ivañez - Cakes & Ice Cream Bilbao
Cakes & Ice Cream

Brother and sister Celina and Eladio Iváñez manage the Turroneria Iváñez located at 23 Correo Street, behind the Saint James…

Turronería Ivañez
Wololow - Cakes & Ice Cream Bilbao
Cakes & Ice Cream

Welcome to the Wololow Universe In Ercilla Street we can find this paradise of sweets. A special and different place…

Ladolcevita - International Cuisine Bilbao
International Cuisine

Ladolcevita Artisan ice cream shop, sweets and italian gastronomy. Ladolcevita opened its first store in Sopela in April 2012. An…