Bride and Groom

Bodas Azul Bilbao - Accesories Bilbao

Bodas Azul Bilbao The best choice for organizing your wedding, to ensure that the results are unique and special. We…

Bodas Azul Bilbao
Maribel Dilló - Bride and Groom Bilbao
Bride and Groom

Maribel Dilló Maribel Dilló She has spent her life designing and creating for the loyal clients of her brand Dilló.…

Maribel Dilló
dappers - Fashion Bilbao

Dappers Tailoring Bilbao Visit our tailor store in Bilbao and enjoy a personalised, unique and exclusive experience in our apartment…

Alicia Rueda Atelier - Bride and Groom Bilbao
Bride and Groom

A custom-made wedding dress is something so unique and personal that it truly only fits one woman. The creation and…

Alicia Rueda Atelier
OSK Sastre - Fashion Bilbao

Oskar López Ileaña started in tailoring when he was very, very small: his father and mother were tailors. It was…

OSK Sastre
Sastrería Cardenal - Fashion Bilbao

Sastrería Cardenal Founded in 1894 and run by the same family during 4 generations, the Sastrería Cardenal occupies a very…

Sastrería Cardenal
White Lover Atelier - Bride and Groom Bilbao
Bride and Groom

Rigth in the city centre, in Bilbao’s emblematic building, renowned monument , La Casa Lezama Leguizamón, located in Gran Vía…

White Lover Atelier